Swipe Shortcuts Options is GONE after Update
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Swipe Shortcuts Options is GONE after Update

od carterturner » sob 19. srp 2017 9:23:01

I am a proud BlackBerry Aurora owner and couldn't be more happier when I finally received the update to Nougat v.7.1.1. I understand this is not the latest, as in 7.1.2., but at least it's now no longer stuck at 7.0.0.
One thing I notice immediately after about a day with the update: the already impressive battery life now gets even LONGER by about 40%! The downside: the Swipe Shortcuts feature is now COMPLETELY GONE from the device. Even its option can no longer be found in "Setting". I've been lurking around the crackberry site, and it'd seem that it's not uncommon, as it also happens on the KEYone that is already on the Nougat v7.1.x by default. I wonder if there's any way I could bring it back on my BB Aurora. I miss it.
Please Help.
Thanks !
I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
- https://forums.crackberry.com/blackberr ... 441065141/
- Device Explainer Video Examples

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